Things only people who people should wear!

Are you bad at fake smiling or fitting in with people. Suck at making friends or genuinely hate everyone around?It’s completely fine if you hate people, we understand! Hence we decided to make your wardrobe more interesting so that every time you get to encounter them, they already know not to mess with you.

All the shirts below will help you speak your heart out! Bump into folks wearing these badass t-shirts and make your life a little more sassy! Throw shade and be a complete wicked kid by online shopping in Pakistan with The Warehouse’s latest savage tops 😉

Basic feeling number 1

Every single time they try to rant about them being in some big life crisis and you go BLAHBLAH BLAH….

Especially the time when couple talks about their love life, so cringy and so tacky! Yes we understand!

I will find you and I will kill all of you mode:

Let’s talk about the time when every vain inside of you was on a verge of choking, shooting everyone around you. Especially on a Monday when everyone besides you comes with a happy face and you are like WTFFFF (where’s the food)

Can’t Function, Wont Function:

Sometimes, jk most of the time you try to find out ways to keep up the drama, these weird people create and you just wish you weren’t in your senses! Life is hard! *sighs*

Smack all faces mode!

You start off the day knowing you will have to deal with bunch of loser again, you try your level best to preserve energy and the only way you let all the frustration is bye eye rolls!

Your resting bitch face is never really resting you are boiling inside and just can’t wait to pull up that hand and smack around everyone with a chair and few more heavy objects J


Basically even a simple cough or sneeze triggers you and you lose your shit.  PRO TIP: Carry ear plugs or headphones almost everywhere!

How people fear you are BIPOLAR:

Your mood swings are nothing but six flags roller coasters, they can go up anytime, stay constant, or just go real down there is no in between.  Which people obviously never understand or respect and nor do you care about them so you leave them hanging, let them be curious, imma do my thing *middle fingers up, wave that bish bye*

If thinking about killing people gave a dollar I would’ve been a BILLIONAREJ:

It’s pretty lit how they can’t read your mind or can tell your imagination skills, otherwise you would’ve been in a rehab probably. Sometimes you wish you could get money on making badass killing scenarios.

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