ITF Funding

IoT could bring ambient intellect to progress life in Hong Kong

HONG KONG is taking noteworthy steps to hug the Internet of Things (IoT), with numerous businesses in the Asian country starting to execute the emerging technology in their set-ups. With iot system hong kong, industries in Hong Kong are gradually becoming smarter, safer as well as even far comfier than before.

Benefits of itf fund

The Innovation plus Technology Fund or ITF Funding, directed by the Innovation ITF Funding and Technology Commission, purposes to increase the additional value, output and competitiveness of our financial activities. The Government desires that, through the ITF, Hong Kong firms could be stimulated and helped to upgrade their technical level and introduce inventive ideas to their industries. Hong Kong’s innovation and technology segment together with that of Shenzhen – the Shenzhen-Hong Kong technology bunch – ranked the worlds second largest founded on the Global Invention Index 2018.

ITF Funding

Why iot is needed

During the current Cisco Next Intelligence IoT Generation Session, executives from the Hong Kong Contract and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) as well as the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) displayed their latest projects.

In a statement to Enterprise Invention, HKCEC director of amenities planning and operations Stewart Wan specified that the HK firm is discovering the benefits of IoT plus how it can usher in an age of ambient technology.

As said by Wan, ambient intelligence is an excessive way to improve workers’ work conditions. By creating the office itself smarter, everyday tasks and activities could be conducted in an easy, natural way.