The professional makeup gives you the opportunity to you who areĀ Cosplay Shop better caracterizarte like your character to interpret, because the factions can be emulated, slanted eyes can be accentuated and of course, your natural beauty will be highlighted in order to be more credible to embodied character of anime. But there are many more advantages, let’s see them.

CosplayWhy study professional makeup if I’m a cosplayer

A professional cos player or at least someone who really puts love to this world, knows that the details are the most important, to make us enter the fictional pact where an anime character, comics, or video game comes to life.

Therefore, studying professional makeup is for those who really want to stand out not for being the best (that is achieved over time), but because first is not a simple amateur more.

Because it allows you to acquire the right skin tone:

It is a classic in the conventions, Hatsune Miku cosplay a girl who is brunette or who simply looks a flushed skin. It’s not about being racist or anything like that, but about being trustworthy with Hatsune’s character and his pale skin.

With the help of professional makeup and the correct application of bases, makeup, shadows and lights you can really look like the character you are cosplaying, regardless of your natural skin tone. In addition, as many characters require fantasy makeup, this will be a breeze when studying professional makeup because you can also create all kinds of effects with products that you can buy in cosmetics and beauty stores.

Because it gives you advantages in competitions:

Most people do not know how much you can earn in the world of cosplayer, travel, money and fame is just a little of what this world has for you as well as satisfaction.

The study professional makeup gives you a significant and real advantage over your competition in this type of events that are inevitable in anime conventions and congresses. If you really want to be a winner, professional makeup is your secret weapon.