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You may have established this piece of writing by penetrating for “Facebook hack codes,” but there’s really no such thing. The system alter so frequently that one “hack system” that works nowadays may not labor tomorrow.

However, hackear facebook  there are a number of cooperative Facebook hacks that the majority user won’t know about. And if you employ them they can show off your geeky skill. Here are the most excellent Facebook hacks we know of.

Post a Blank Status Update

  • hackear facebookDo you want to confuse your friends and followers? Then why not position a blank rank inform on Facebook? You’ll go away them all wonder what on soil went incorrect.
  • The trick is to use an Alt code. For those who don’t know, Alt codes let you type special font and particular cipher that don’t appear on a normal keyboard. In arrange to make a blank status update, you’ll need Alt code 0173. This will create an invisible soft hyphen.
  • Just start creating a post in the usual way. When it’s time to enter your message, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type 0173.
  • Sure, you could install the Facebook app on your phone so that you can monitor your friends’ feeds and post to your own feed whenever you like. But what if you want to be able to post to Facebook without installing the app? Or what if you’re one of those really old-school people who doesn’t even own a smartphone, and all you can do is send SMS messages?
  • All you have to do is log into your Facebook account from a desktop browser, and go to Settings, and then Mobile. Then click to Add a phone, if you haven’t already added your phone to your Facebook account. Once you select your wireless carrier and click Next, you’ll need to send an SMS of “F” to Facebook’s SMS number (32665).
  • Once you do, you’ll receive a confirmation code on your phone, which you’ll need to type into the field in the pop-up box. For privacy reasons, we suggest deselecting Share my phone number with my friends and Allow friends to text me from Facebook.
  • Now, all you have to do to post a status update to your Facebook wall is send an SMS of the post to the Facebook SMS number.