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Why art?

            Should not football be taken as a sport which is a very tiring game as the players have to practice all through the year to win a single match of the year? Yes it is hard work but many want to play it for personal satisfaction and achievement and for it is a passion of many people to come out as football stars. American football is very unique to the United States and what they call football is actually being carried in the hands. Many do get confused what the feet have to do here or rather want to change the name as it is. For mastering the art of football, you need to be dedicated enough and take it seriously.

To win!

            The art is what makes you to put in extra time beyond your time schedule to practice the game which takes the form of an art only after years of training to understand it completely. The art involves playing it safe when placed in front of the biggest names of the game. The teams here come well trained and well prepared not only physically but become tough mentally and winning is what makes people come to you. You need to learn the art in order to win the game of football. This is a high energy sport where the odds might work against you due to a simple mistake.


Why football?

            The game of football gives pictures of two different sports one that is played with the foot with a round ball and the one which is played with hands and an elliptical shaped ball but carried in your hands. The latter is famous in America and is native to the United States as not many countries are at the moment having such teams. Many people in the United States have a passion for this football game and many universities have professional teams that play the national football league all but for mastering the art of football undergo strenuous training the year long.