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The most enjoyable times in your life was probably spent in that dorm room, teaming up with your peers and playing Counter-Strike or DOTA. Video games have played a huge role in our childhood and it is one habit we do not plan on losing, even if it annoys the people around us. In this article, we will learn about the headlines of the gaming world that has players in a tizzy for the past couple of months.

FIFA Mobile

  • Everything and anything you need to know about FIFA Mobile – FIFA is one of those phenomena that serves as a bonding topic for people, be it during the matches or while playing the video counterpart of the championship. This tell-all article about FIFA mobile elaborates on the various nuances and workings of the game app. It also tells us why gathering coins are one of the most important FIFA mobile hacks that could ever exist. FIFA mobile is equipped with a full FIFA license which allows us to play with the legends in the football world. The app has also introduced cards which you can win in an exchange for coins so that you can play side by side the real-time gods of the tournament. Apart from the original game mode, FIFA mobile also has two other modes incorporated in it – the Attack mode where you only need to plan the attacks on your opponents and the Campaign mode to plan any task that you want to.
  • How to become the Greatest in Roblox – Roblox is a massively multiplayer online and game creation system platform. Roblox is one of the oldest and the best games to unite hundreds and thousands of people from all across the world. This article is basically the roblox tutorial to success. This roblox hack guide introduces checking the legitimacy of the roblox hack page and the tool by verifying the HTTPS certificate of the server. Inspite of the small changes in functions and gameplay, this article assures us that the original structure of the game remains the same. We also have to assess if the proper scripts like the anti-ban script have been employed in the page. Take a few other precautions that include but are not limited to running proxy servers and having special encryption codes.
  • How to Easily Collect Coins in FIFA Mobile – As mentioned previously, FIFA mobile is mostly dependent on coins. Most people use the FIFA mobile coin generator to collect the coins. Apart from the generator, there are a few other legitimate ways to increase your coin collection. The Attack mode is one of them since you only have to play offense which helps you to earn coins and experience at the same time. The most simple way is to just play the regular seasons. This article also contains some proven, surefire ways to earn FIFA points like daily tasks and vs mode.
  • Some known facts about Roblox – In comparison to the previous article, this article gives us facts that even the most ardent Roblox fans would not know. How Roblox came to be and what are the features that people like the most in this adventure game are two major topics that are talked about in this article. A few tips for players aiming to become the ultimate Roblox champion has also shared with us. In the end, we see a short and simple summary given to help us understand everything that was explained explicitly before, in a nutshell.
  • The Differences Between FIFA mobile and FIFA 19 – As is bound to happen with two versions of things, this article pays attention to the differences and even the similarities of FIFA mobile and FIFA 19. First, the writer explains the core concept and basic facts about both the versions. These two paragraphs are followed by the differences column which explains the comparison between the approach and modes of the game.

facts about Roblox

Video games have been a relaxation for thousands of us and keeping up with the trending headlines of the games news is something that catches our excitement. This is the precise reason we penned this article to revise all the latest games news in a single piece of paper. Keep winning but most of all, keep enjoying.