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Tips To overcome Hair Damage due to Heat

Often during outdoor activities, hair becomes dry due to long and continuous exposure to stinging sun, excessive sweating, dust and dirt. Apparently true, the rays of harsh sunlight through UV radiation can degrade the hair and even cause discoloration. In addition to this, huge sweating is also not good for the hair because it can make the hair sticky because of pollution and dust in the air.

 If so, how the best treatment for hair because it is always exposed to sunburn? The best heat protectant for natural hair can  help you save your hair from damage. You need to follow the below suggestions:

  • Wash your hair as often as possible. The moisture, dust, heat and sweat it produces makes the hair and also the scalp susceptible to fungal or bacterial infections, especially when you devotemuch time outdoors. So, it’s good to wash your hair frequently enough to avoid damage and wear the ideal shampoo as needed. However, excessive use of shampoo can also drain the moisture of the scalp. Hence, choose a shampoo that can moisturize or use hair conditioner which will preserve hair and keep hydrated even though cleaned many times.
  • Do not forget to wear hair oil because often shampoo can spend moisture on the scalp. Use of oil in moderation due to excessive oil when applying it will require a lot of shampoo that is also to clean it. If it were so, you might be traumatized and even damaged.
  • As much as possible try to cover the hair from direct sun exposure, because direct sunlight exposure to sunlight and UV radiation it can be harmful to led to damage of your hair. Always wear scarf or a hat that can cover the hair while you move outside outdoor. You should startmaking use of hair care products such as conditioner and sunscreen because the hair will get protection.
  • You should avoid the use of tools such as blow drying and hair straightener tools because of its heat can damage the follicles in the hair in use. In fact, blow drying leads to opening of pores and dust gets accumulated due to pollution leading to weakening of hair follicles and roots
  • If the sun is hot, swimming must be a fun activity. Well, do not forget to apply a condenser in on your hair before soaking to protect hair from chemicals such as chlorine. You should also immediately cut off the parted branches that have been split and damaged.