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The Working Of Tbx Strips

Smoking is very prevalent in all cultures, countries and there is no gender bias. People of all ages and strata of people smoke and it has become second only to drinking. This addiction is the root cause of many diseases and deaths. Hence quitting smoking which has been tried by many has been very difficult and painful journey. There is always a feeling at the back of the mind to go back to smoking. The withdrawal symptoms are a huge scare all these make the quitter to go back to their old ways again. The other methods of quitting have been of little use and they are kind of not effective. Does tbx free work?

The working of TBX strips

As soon as it enters the blood stream which is in 25 seconds only, which is a great advantage. It immediately stops your nicotine cravings without having even a little bit of nicotine in your system. The chemical cytisine is very effective and seen to be very effective on people trying to kick the butt. If the right dosage of TBX strip is taken that is about 8mg per day will effectively help you quit smoking.

does tbx free work

The contents in TBX strips are

  • Cytisine
  • Natural mint extract
  • Sugar
  • Menthol
  • Licorice
  • Aspartame

This dosage is effective for people who smoke 25 cigarettes a day. TBX strips can be shipped or bought online and you can order and get your pack of strips.

Dosage of TBX strips

The person can start of  8 strips a day and then you can gradually reduce it to only one strip on the last day of the month of usage. The first two days you can begin with eight strips, the next two days you can take six strips, six to twelve days to five strips the following five days four strips and the next ten days two strips and the last day only one.

If you want to start with a lower dosage such as four strips and so on. With having two strips in the morning and two in the night. You can see does tbx free work


TBX has helped many people and some have gone on to state that now they feel repelled against the cigarettes smell. The dependency on cigarettes will gradually reduce and you will find your self quitting smoking.

TBX strips are also not very expensive compared to the daily consumption of cigarettes that you would buy and also you are buying your health and freedom back from the cigarette addicted life. TBX strips are the best as by reviews as compared to other alternatives available in the market.