Type 59 in WOT: Pros and Cons

Based on what the fans are saying, to put it bluntly, this is one of the top premium tanks. The fastest way to win your battles is to get this beauty into your collection. Type 59 that is like a crouching tiger, so here is why you should buy WOT account that includes this vehicle.








Medium Tank





Tier 8














Turret Armor                         200/130/60



Tank crew includes:

  • Commander with skills: Sixth Sense, BiA, Camo, Repairs, Firefighting or Recon;
  • Gunner with skills: Repairs,            Snap Shot, BiA, Firefighting, Camo;
  • Driver with skills: BiA,      Repairs, Smooth Ride, Offroad Driving, Camo;
  • Loader (Radio) with skills: Safe       Stowage, Camo, Repairs, Firefighting, BiA.

This was China’s main battle tank that was made as a version of Soviet’s T-54/T-55. It became a backbone of the Liberation Army up until the early 2000s. However, the latest modification of Type 59 is not just an original copy of the U.S.S.R. medium T-54A anymore, but one of the hardest competitors to beat in a fight, especially with lower tier tanks. Your arsenal will become truly rich with this tank and its sloped armored turret. The tier 8 premium tank is mobile and fairly agile in a battle which means that flanking it is hard.

The patch 9.20.1 gave us Type 59 with a new pleasurable set of features such as: 50 ammunition capacity, 2.3s aim time, 60 degrees sloped 100 mm frontal armor, decreased hull traverse and moving dispersion, etc. Still, Type 59, unfortunately, loses speed in turns so you should be careful while circling your enemies. But the tank performs well in 1-on-1 battles with medium and light opponents. Keep in mind that aiming the Type 59 might be somewhat difficult, you’ll need to get used to tank’s specifics.


  • Highly profitable in terms of earning more credits
  • Nice gun depression comes with useful flexibility
  • Sloped frontal upper hull armor
  • Cool frontal turret armor
  • Lower repair cost


Due to one of the richest feature pack and decent firepower of Type 59, you can fight back the Soviet’s D-25T and its similar peers. It’s also superb for group battles thanks to higher vitality and resilience. Though this tank is not in the game’s shop anymore, but it’s available as a prize tier 8 premium tank which you can win for the first place in special WOT tournaments.


  • Turret’s top comes with 2 weak cupolas
  • Upper hull glacis is weak to medium guns
  • Low HP
  • Vulnerable lower glacis
  • Frontal fuel tank next to the front driver
  • Comparatively low silhouette
  • Frontal/right-side located ammo rack

Even with the great pros come some unpleasant cons, so consider your options before you a WOT account for sale withType 59. Though, if we’re to believe the fans, you just need to learn how to handle this tier 8 premium tank. After that, its advantages will become priceless for your arsenal.