Know about material which is good for Floor

Special products have been developed that you need for a floor coating made of epoxy resin.

Repair mortar: You can repair damaged areas in advance with a special repair mortar. This is how you ensure that the subsurface is balanced.

Primer: You should first apply a primer to almost all surfaces. In this way, the epoxy resin applied is prevented from sinking into an absorbent surface, which could result in an uneven surface.

Epoxy resin: Choosing the right epoxy flooring company resin for the actual floor coating is particularly important. You should only use products that are specially designed for this type of application. Also make sure that the resin is of high quality. Both colorless and already colored containers are available.

Color paste, glass granules and decorative flakes: If you want to color the resin, you should only use suitable colors. With decorative flakes, additional color accents can be set. To do this, simply sprinkle them into the still damp resin. By using glass granulate, you can make the surface non-slip.

Tools and aids: The best way to apply the epoxy resin is to use a coating roller. You also need a special ventilation roller. With this you drive over the resin and allow air bubbles to escape. In addition, the resin is completely distributed. You will also need a mixer attachment for a drill to mix the two components. You do this for several minutes at a speed of about 400 revolutions per minute.

Equipment for occupational safety: To protect yourself from damage to health, you should take some protective measures when working with epoxy resin. This includes wearing protective goggles and nitrile gloves. In order to protect yourself from the escaping vapors, you should also wear a respirator with a gas filter.

Prepare epoxy resin floor coating

In general, the more careful you do the preparations, the better the result of your epoxy resin floor coating.

Before you start the coating work, you should check the current condition of the floor. If the floor already has grooves and cracks in its structure, it is advisable to first fill them and seal them thoroughly. The best way to do this is to use a fine filler and a special filler, which you can find in almost every hardware store. As soon as the filler is completely dry and hardened, you should ideally sand the floor down. Before you apply the actual floor coating with epoxy resin, it is advisable to use a special primer. This removes the absorbency of the floor, which means that the paint can no longer seep through the floor. In this way, the ink consumption can be kept as low as possible.